The human body is an interdependent system made up of energy and elements. Our physical health is intimately related to our diet, the health of those around us, the environment, planet, as well as mental, spiritual, emotional wellness and our behavioral patterns. There is no part separate from the whole. Our oral health affects our whole body health and vise versa. This understanding is the foundation for a journey to wellness or maintenance of a healthy life. Our offering is oral health and dentistry. We often work with other healthcare practitioners and patients as a team to treat a myriad of conditions where good oral health must be established prior to achieving whole body health.

Tooth Meridian Chart

This chart is for informational purposes and does not provide diagnosis or treatment of any medical or dental condition.

Services & INformation


Athletic & Sports Guards

Teeth need extra protection during some sports. The majority of dental trauma happens early in life. If you or your child are involved in any significant physical activity a mouthguard is a wise choice. Soon we will be offering custom with Logo. For now we have generic available. Please protect your own and your loved one’s smile.

Crowns, Bridges, Fillings, & the Treatment of Dental Caries 

Caries is the disease process that causes "cavities." It is a multifactorial disease process, which causes the breakdown of tooth structure. Diet and the presence of certain bacteria as well as oral hygiene behaviors, genetics and previous dental conditions and treatment combine to determine an individual's risk level for this condition. Tooth wear or attrition also causes loss of tooth structure. These conditions must be addressed at a local level, which includes arresting the disease process. Often removal of damaged tissue is required followed by thorough cleansing and disinfection. Finally, restoration of the shape and form of the tooth utilizing the latest technologies and biocompatible materials available. The crowns, bridges and filling materials used in our office: are tooth colored, lifelike, biocompatible and long lasting.  These consist mostly of ceramics and composites.Systemic causes for dental disease must also be addressed through nutrition, self care and other modalities. 


There are numerous tooth replacement options available. If implants are recommended to aid in replacing missing teeth there are choices regarding what kind of implant is right for you. Zirconium (ceramic) implants are available as well as a zirconium and titanium alloy (ceramometal). There are clinical situations, which favor different material choices, and this decision is made after a personalized implant consult with the doctor.

Night Guards & Splints

A variety of bite-splints and nightguards are available to protect teeth and restorations or aid in relief and prevention of TMJ disorders.


Clear aligner therapy utilizing Clear Correct, Sure Smile, and Invisalign technology provides a safe, predictable way to align teeth. We utilize a digital platform to assess and diagnose, then forecast and plan where teeth need to be for optimum esthetics, breathing, swallowing, speech, TMJ and spine health. We model this before beginning treatment so that both the patient and doctor have more control and predictability in ensuring a positive outcome. Our office is in the process of incorporating some early non-invasive interventions to help children's orthodontic and orthognathic development.

Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal disease is a condition caused by the interaction of certain pathogenic bacteria and the body's immune system. Overtime this results in a chronic immune challenge, localized destruction of the supporting bone and gums around teeth, and increased risk for systemic diseases. People who show signs or symptoms of various types of gum disease often require deeper, more thorough cleanings to slow or stop the disease and more frequent visits to maintain health once it has been achieved. These patients also receive extra attention, a risk assessment, and development of a specific dietary, and homecare regimen to help them get back to a state of health. Some applications of ozone gas and or water as well as use of essential oils and oils that contain ozone may be recommended as an adjunct to in office treatments. We now offer a phase contrast microscopic analysis of each individual’s plaque biofilm sample. This can aid in better diagnosis and in measuring health outcomes.

PRF (platelet rich fibrin)

This is a product made from the patient’s own blood. It is filled with platelets, fibrin, and white blood cells. The use of this during surgery and recovery up-regulates the body’s own healing mechanism to promote faster healing with better blood flow and growth of new tissue.


Moderate IV sedation, Minimal Oral Conscious Sedation (OCS) and/or Nitrous Oxide are available to treat patients with a history of dental fear or anxiety or during restorative and surgical appointments. A single dose anti-anxiety medication can also be prescribed. These are all extremely safe and effective. If general anesthesia is required a licensed dental anesthetist will come to the office to sedate the patient during treatment. Music, video, podcasts, and breathing awareness or meditation during treatment can all aid in a positive treatment experience.

Tooth Removal & Replacement

When teeth are damaged beyond repair, significant infection is present, or a root canal treatment has failed, extraction is usually recommended. Along with this procedure thorough cleansing of the socket, removal of the periodontal ligament and placement of a bone graft is advised. These procedures in conjunction with the use of PRF (platelet rich fibrin) prevent "cavitations" or areas of non-vital bone and residual infection. Placement of a dental implant is almost always recommended after some period of healing has taken place. The teeth function best in a harmonious system, which promotes vitality, good nutrition and the preservation of remaining teeth.


These ceramic or composite restorations usually cover the front of teeth. This treatment can improve people’s smile and how teeth look, as well as restore the shape and function of damaged teeth.

Wisdom Teeth

In many cases, wisdom teeth are a healthy and normal functioning part, of a person’s chewing system. If this is the case we recommend no treatment other than routine cleanings with extra attention to these areas because they can be difficult to keep clean. If the teeth are decayed, impacted, suffering from chronic infection or gum disease, it may be advised to remove them or surgically treat their condition. If they are removed the socket is thoroughly cleaned and a PRF clot is placed to aid in healing.

Ceramic Implants

Ceramic implants are a great option for the replacement of teeth. Biocompatible, non-metal, Zirconium (Ceramic) implants can be used in many situations for healthy, esthetic, long-lasting restoration of missing teeth. Implant placement and material selection is a discussion and decision you and the doctor will make together after a thorough assessment of your oral and whole body health. 


Bacterial DNA Testing

We offer bacterial identification testing utilizing DNA assays. This is most often performed on tissues that have been surgically removed from the mouth such as infected teeth, abscesses, bone fragments and infected soft tissue. This can allow for a more targeted approach to antibiotic therapy for those patients dealing with persistent or resistant infections. 

Biocompatibility Testing

This service is offered through Clifford Research and Consulting. A blood sample is taken which is screened for compatibility with thousands of dental products. This allows for better confidence in knowing that the materials placed in your mouth are safe for you.

Environmental Efforts

We are in a constant process of improvement and re-evaluation of our equipment and technology to be as green and environmentally friendly as possible. From our digital impressions and x-rays to our recent move to paperless charting, we are doing our best for your health and the planet. 


No fluoride treatments or products are offered or promoted in our office.

Oral Galvanic Current Testing

Not currently offered but may be available in near future.


We utilize ozone both to help keep our office and equipment clean and sanitary as well as for various dental applications. It can be utilized during fillings to cleanse a prepared tooth, treat sensitivity, applied either in water or gas as a local antibacterial agent, and injected into tissue to promote healing, decrease infection, and increase our body’s immune response. Ozone provides many benefits with minimal side effects.

Office Environment

We strive to make our office comfortable and accommodating for all patients. We have numerous air filtrations systems in place, water filters, low VOC paints and carpet. An open minded, caring, calm and happy environment provides both our patients and staff a sense of wellness and safety. This is a place for healing and the maintenance of health. 

Safe Mercury Removal

We follow safe mercury removal protocols established by the IAOMT in their SMART protocol. We also utilize environmental safeguards to decrease mercury released into the environment.


Cone Beam Computed Tomography (Dental CT Scanner)

This diagnostic tool allows a three dimensional view of any structure in and around the mouth. It is helpful in diagnosing infections, impactions, fractured teeth and other pathologies. It can also be very useful in confirming a state of health, and the absence of significant disease. All implant surgeries in our office are planned with this technology which increases safety, and aids in achieving a successful and healthy result.

Digital Radiographs

We have the latest radiographic technology which minimizes patient exposure while maximizing diagnostic information.

Digital Technology

We utilize CAD/CAM technology for fabrication of numerous dental restorations, models, surgical guides and oral appliances. This is cutting edge technology, which, allows us to safely, efficiently and accurately serve our patients. 3D printing is now being utilized by some of our lab partners and we will have one in our own lab soon.


Our office utilizes the latest laser technology. The Solea laser is used for treating cavities as well as soft tissue procedures. This can be used to contour gum tissue, treat sensitivity and can aid in healing wounds in the mouth. In many instances we can treat cavities without anesthesia. This laser is that good! That means no shots… or at least as few as possible, less numbness and less medication. We also utilize a soft tissue diode laser to aid in hemostasis, gum tissue recontouring and treating canker or cold sores.

Same Day Crowns CEREC & CAD CAM

Whether you need part of a single tooth repaired or a complete full mouth rehabilitation, Dr. DeLong utilizes CEREC to deliver beautiful, strong, bio-compatible restorations often same day, one appointment. This is efficiency and quality. Larger cases require more comprehensive treatment planning and will often take multiple appointments. We are utilizing this technology to its highest capabilities and are happy to share it with our patients.

Other Services

Colleagues & Referrals

We have a broad network of individuals and clinics offering healing, wellness arts and medicine. We value, honor, and refer to all dental specialties. Medical and healing specialists from allopathic to integrative are part of our team to help our patients. Please inquire about any other health interests or needs we may be able to assist with.